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Zundel Law’s primary goal is to connect with clients to achieve resolutions that will enhance their lives.  Communicating with an attorney should be a positive experience.  Aimee actively listens to her clients, partners with them, and delivers the legal solutions her clients need.


Special Education Law

All children deserve an appropriate school experience - one that will address the unique needs of the student and support their emerging sense of self.  Federal and state laws protect students in the school setting and outline clear standards for education. Attorney Zundel works with clients to secure each student's rights in a way that respects the ongoing relationship between schools and families. Services focus on students enrolled in PreK through 18–21-year-old services.


Attorney Zundel advises families in the following areas:
•    Special Education

•    Section 504 & Medical Accommodations
•    Evaluations/Reevaluations
•    IEP and Section 504 Meetings
•    School Placement
•    Gifted Education
•    Bullying and School Safety Matters related to Disability

School Discipline, Civil Rights, Bullying & Harassment Advocacy

Physical and psychological safety are absolutely necessary in order for students to learn.  When school discipline issues, discrimination, or bullying happen to a child, quickly addressing the concern is a parent’s highest priority. Attorney Zundel partners with families and works to improve the situation through effective legal solutions. 

•    Student Discipline Matters
•    Academic Integrity/Honesty 
•    Free Speech & First Amendment Rights
•    Title IX Sexual Harassment 
•    Bullying 
•    Harassment 

Consulting, Training & Special Counsel Services 

Attorney Zundel is experienced in serving school entities, educational leaders, administrators, and educators.  

Drawing on her 15 years of experience, Attorney Zundel offers services on a case-by-case basis for specific engagements including:


  • Labor & Employment Matters in the School Setting

  • Professional Development Trainings

  • Legal Consultation for Specific Cases or Topics

Schools are constantly striving to be innovative, brave, and legally compliant spaces. At Zundel Law, we know that a trusted legal advisor can make all the difference.  

To protect all clients, Zundel Law conducts a thorough conflicts check before engaging in representation of any individual, family, or school entity.  Read more about the firm's conflicts check process by visiting the Conflicts Policy page.

Zundel Law serves clients in the following Pennsylvania counties and beyond:

  • Allegheny 

  • Washington 

  • Westmoreland 

  • Fayette 

  • Greene 

  • Beaver 

  • Butler 

  • Lawrence 

  • Somerset 

  • Armstrong 

  • Warren 

  • Venango 

  • Mercer 

  • Erie 

  • Crawford 

  • Clarion 

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